Mastering Emmy Award Winning Song – Cleveland International Film Festival

Mastering Three Grammy Nominated Projects at 65th Grammy Awards

Congratulations to this amazing team on the EMMY AWARD WINNING SONG for BEST COMMERCIAL

at the 53rd Central Great Lakes Emmy Awards!


CIFF45 Streams - “Bring Film Home” Trailer

Created by: Fusion Filmworks

Type Twenty Seven

Fader Music & Sound


CIFF45 Streams Trailer Produced by Fusion Filmworks

Directed and Animated by: Jon LaGuardia

Producer: Grace Nowak


CIFF45 Streams Image Campaign

designed by Type Twenty Seven Trailer and Campaign Artwork


Designed by: Brittyn DeWerth & CheTawni Miller

Character Rigging by: CheTawni Miller & Jon LaGuardia


Original Soundtrack by Fader Music & Sound "Up The Block"

Written, Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Jake Fader


Engineered by Jim Stewart and Jake Fader

Mastered by Dan Millice


Percussion: Neil Chastain

Vocals: Chris Fader

Guitar and Keyboards: Jake Fader

Brass: Kris "SkinnyK" Morron

Bass: Ed Sotelo Drums: Joe Tomino

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Dan Millice

Dan Millice is a Mastering Engineer based in New York City