Mastering Island Twins “Spanish Blood”

Mastering Island Twins "Spanish Blood"

Mastering Island Twins “Spanish Blood”

I recently mastered Island Twins new album, “Spanish Blood”.  Island Twins is a New York-based rock band with an alternative-fuzz-pop influence.  The band is made up of siblings, Meagan Brauer (Bass/Vox) and Erik Brauer (Guitar/Vox).  Their previous (debut) album was done entirely in the band’s basement at home.  For this album, they recorded the entire record at Flux Studios.  The album was mixed by Corey Folta at his studio.  This album rocks!  The mixes came to me in excellent shape, so I ran it through my analog mastering chain for some light EQ and limiting.  Erik and Meagan attended the mastering session with me at Engine Room Audio.  At the end of the session when I was done printing the EQ’d masters, we sequenced the album and it was done.  I really like how the album came out in the end.  Check it out:

Island Twins is:

Meagan Brauer (Bass Guitar & Vox)

Erik Brauer (Guitar & Vox)

Recorded by Daniel Sanint & Dan Cherouny at Flux Studios

Mixed by Corey Folta

Mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio, NYC

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