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Hi, I'm Dan.

Hi, I'm Dan.

I am a Mastering Engineer based in New York City.   

My passion is working with artists and mastering music from all over the world.

I've mastered albums for Warner, Univeral, and Sony, as well as notable independent artists and labels.  Check out some of the albums I've worked on by clicking here on my Mastering Discography.

I offer FREE one-on-one mixing advice to all clients.  A better sounding mix always makes for a better sounding master.  Let's talk it out, and nail the mix, BEFORE we get to the mastering session.

Call me and let's talk about your project.



Dan Millice Mastering at Engine Room Audio, NYC

What is Audio Mastering?

What is Audio Mastering?

Audio Mastering is the final creative stage in the production process. Mastering is your last chance to craft and reshape your sound before it finds your audience. Audio Mastering balances all of your songs to give your album a consistent sound from start to finish.

Every song is recorded one at a time, and often crafted by multiple recording and mixing engineers, sometimes at multiple studio locations.  Naturally, these songs will all have different peak levels, with different EQ structures, tones, and shapes.

My job is to get the most out of your mixes by blending my experience with world-class analog and digital mastering tools, and my musical background and approach to mastering, to give your album consistency from track to track, as well as to ensure a pleasant listening experience on all playback devices and systems.

Mastering requires critical listening on perfectly accurate monitors, within a tuned studio environment. The mastering studio contains a powerful combination of hand chosen cutting edge technology, classic tube, and solid-state gear, as well as custom monitoring and acoustical treatment designed by Fran Manzella.