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Mastering CJ Fly’s FLYTRAP

Mastering CJ Fly’s FLYTRAP Mixed by Sal Gallassio (@Sal617) Mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio, NYC Available now via PRO ERA RECORDS Here is the video for the first single off ‘FLYTRAP’ called “Now You Know” (Produced by Matt Noble) Directed by Andrew Pulaski  Listen to the entire album below (via Tidal)

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Mastering Island Twins “Spanish Blood”

Mastering Island Twins “Spanish Blood” I recently mastered Island Twins new album, “Spanish Blood”.  Island Twins is a New York-based rock band with an alternative-fuzz-pop influence.  The band is made up of siblings, Meagan Brauer (Bass/Vox) and Erik Brauer (Guitar/Vox).  Their previous (debut) album was done entirely in the band’s basement at home.  For this album,…

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Mastering Benja Unlimited

You may have heard him performing on the subway platform or maybe you caught him playing a set at SOB’s or Piano’s in downtown Manhattan.  Benja Lyman is a performing, songwriting musician and artist living in NYC.  A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Benja’s music is a nice blend of melodies, beats and singing.  He wrote…

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