Mastering Benja Unlimited

Benja Unlimited (Official Album Artwork)  Created by Benja Lyman

“Benja Unlimited” (Official Album Artwork)
Created by Benja Lyman

You may have heard him performing on the subway platform or maybe you caught him playing a set at SOB’s or Piano’s in downtown Manhattan.  Benja Lyman is a performing, songwriting musician and artist living in NYC.  A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Benja’s music is a nice blend of melodies, beats and singing.  He wrote and performed every note on his recent album, “Benja Unlimited.”  This body of work inspires me greatly and I’m extremely proud and honored to have participated in mastering the album.

Benja and Dan at Engine Room Audio, NYC

Benja and Dan at Engine Room Audio, NYC

I met Benja while working at the Engine Room.  He has been writing and recording music consistently at Engine Room Audio for the past several months.   At this point, our staff of recording engineers which includes Pete Lincoln, Michael McDowell, Ivan Corpening, Samir Karam, and Danny Sardi, are all very in tune and accustomed with Benja’s music and evolving sounds.

My great friend and mixer, Gabe MG, worked closely with Benja mixing the album “Benja Unlimited” at the Engine Room.  I mastered the album and was fortunate enough to have Gabe MG and Benja both attend the mastering session.  Have a listen and purchase the album by clicking below:

Released 25, November 2013
Recorded at Engine Room Audio 42 broadway NY NY
Recorded by Pete Lincoln
Mixed By Gabe MG
Mastered By Dan Millice

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